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Knowledge is Power
the library at the end of the world

everyone knows the old adage and here at KiP we mean it!  A reposity for all the collected wisdom of ages past, present (and future) KiP has what you're looking for or it doesn't exist.  Those who hold knowledge hold the future of the world in their hands and are the most fit to sway governments, corporations and positions of power.  So come to KiP and advance your understanding of what's best for the world.  Just stay off the top floor.  Not all knowledge is safe to accidentally stumble across

link to download (lot is 25x25)

more pics

If you do not have the EPs and worlds I used, some of the items may not carry over in the download and the game will automatically replace them.  I did use items from the EA store.  The game will replace it with something else if you don't have that set.

always back up your saves before installing something new and, personally, I also run Sims3Packs through Delphy's custard (I check my lots through it to test them before I put them up for download as well).

obviously give me credit if you use P&P somewhere.  Really though what I crave are pictures or stories or tales of adventure if you do use any of these houses.  Tell me about your sims moseying!  That's what I'm building this thing for.

list of cc sources:

TSR : cyclonesue, ruhrpottbobo, nynaeve, bohemian-sky, murfeeL

Granny Zaza
Noir and Dark Sims
Sim 3 Anime Finds
The Faery's Gifts
Sims Content Boutique

known issues:


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