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  cakestore (aromantic B)
XMS3 (flora hair 022)
my blue book (anto 51 conversion)
tsr (nightcrawler gigi hair) 

eyebrows: pixelore (natural eyebrow set)

skin: golyhawhaw (PD skin)

scar: gelisims (scar tattoos)

eyeshadow: tifa (scar vs 8)  
eyeliner: tsr (gosik natural eyelashes)  
blush: golyhawhaw (face blush)  
lipstick: tsr (gosik cotton candy lip balm) 

eyes: eruwen

sliders: dramatic-gamer

daily: tantra bangle with gems left and right,
tenderness by levitas sims3
pixelore contrast trimmed tank
VonFregeINC destroyed denim skirt w/suspenders
madlen aprilia boots
all about style pilotto stretch glove

evening: sims store music video vixen dress
m.kitten dejavu pumps
tsr gosik ombre nails v1

exercise: fingerless gloves by astraea nevermore
accessory bandage set by Severinka

outwear: sims store quilted leather jacket
pixicat dr martens

more pictures here

nraas master controller to enable more than one accessory per spot and, last but not least, don't forget this mod!

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Mod the Sims - granthes


ChiSims (cakestore)


Alelore Sims Blog

food conversions by RD Katvip

also I could not find the simpaks version of an upright piano that would transfer with my shared uploads so here's where you can download armiel's beautiful version at modthesims. 

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lot size: 20x15
level 6 price: 26524/39403
level 99  price:  27297/56258

download level 6
download level 99

level 99 is the house complete with all cc.  It also has a few items from EPs which will not carry over on download if you do not have those EPs in your game.

level 6 is just the house with minimal furniture and no cc.  It has no EP items in it either.  You should get the entire house needing only the base game.

always back up your saves before installing something new and, personally, I also run Sims3Packs through Delphy's custard (I check my Nibelheim houses through it to test them before I put them up for download as well).

obviously give me credit if you use the house somewhere.  Really though what I crave are pictures or stories or tales of adventure if you do use any of my houses.  Tell me about your sims moseying!  That's what I'm building this thing for.

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Creator's Notes:  I'll start off by saying I had a lot of fun with this house and mostly it was finding decorations for Tifa's room.  SO MUCH CUTE STUFF!!  And I couldn't use even a fraction of it and stay true to the game but - cute stuff.  In other news... how many people were eating at that house?  I mean, it's just Tifa and her dad living there but they've got a table set for three PLUS a meal in the upstairs room and I've really got to wonder if they weren't feeding half the village or something.  Also I actually found a cute little checked table cloth for that upstairs table but it was after I'd taken the pictures and I'm lazy so basically you get what you see in the pictures but cuter for the table.  Also also - patterning the carpets was hard and I'm still not happy with the way they turned out.  The bedspreads weren't much better.  And I discovered just how hard it is to make a cute little girl in game because dang, between those crazy eyebrows and the hair, there really weren't a lot of options for non-brutish going on.  Thank God for cc.  Tifa's dad though (not pictured) still looked like a dork.  Have you seriously paid attention to what he's wearing in-game?  And yes, I did add a bathroom and Tifa's is the only house in the village with an indoor bathroom.  Maybe Tifa's dad could afford it because he wasn't buying up all the useless empty glass bottles in the area instead.

Known Issues:  none that I'm aware of atm.


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