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  cakestore (aromantic B)
XMS3 (flora hair 022)
my blue book (anto 51 conversion)
tsr (nightcrawler gigi hair) 

eyebrows: pixelore (natural eyebrow set)

skin: golyhawhaw (PD skin)

scar: gelisims (scar tattoos)

eyeshadow: tifa (scar vs 8)  
eyeliner: tsr (gosik natural eyelashes)  
blush: golyhawhaw (face blush)  
lipstick: tsr (gosik cotton candy lip balm) 

eyes: eruwen

sliders: dramatic-gamer

daily: tantra bangle with gems left and right,
tenderness by levitas sims3
pixelore contrast trimmed tank
VonFregeINC destroyed denim skirt w/suspenders
madlen aprilia boots
all about style pilotto stretch glove

evening: sims store music video vixen dress
m.kitten dejavu pumps
tsr gosik ombre nails v1

exercise: fingerless gloves by astraea nevermore
accessory bandage set by Severinka

outwear: sims store quilted leather jacket
pixicat dr martens

more pictures here

nraas master controller to enable more than one accessory per spot and, last but not least, don't forget this mod!

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let's get back to our first love.  Based off jordangrimmer's amazing view of Wall Market.  I saw it and couldn't resist.

Now your sims can finally have all they want.  Cheap cologne, energy drinks in the vending machines, a brush with muscular fate and even that pretty purple dress they've been eyeing in the window of that dress shop all this time.  Who knows?  Maybe the hobo at the trash can will even finish his soup one of these days.  It's Wall Market like you've never experienced it before.  Come traumatize your already addled sim in a red light district of nostalgia and things that never would have cleared the ratings these days.  Come to the revised Wall Market.

Revised Wall Market
FF7 all over again

size:  30x20
price:  130703/ 75907



this lot does have cc.  If you do not have the EPs and worlds I used, some of the items may not carry over in the download and the game will automatically replace them.  I did use items from the EA store.  The game will replace it with something else if you don't have that set.

always back up your saves before installing something new and, personally, I also run Sims3Packs through Delphy's custard (I check my lots through it to test them before I put them up for download as well).

obviously give me credit if you use Wall Market somewhere.  Really though what I crave are pictures or stories or tales of adventure if you do use any of these houses.  Tell me about your sims moseying!  That's what I'm building this thing for.

list of cc sources:

TSR : cyclonesue, murfeeL, SYL, DOT, ShinoKCR, paramiti, jomsims, cashcraft, kitkat7145, satrc1026
RD-Katvip conversions
Granny Zaza
Noir and Dark Sims
Sims by Severinka
the verona relapse
ziva's blog
sims studio
vivian dang

EA store - Rising Sun Door, Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill, It's Not Gross Public Shower (none of which are necessary to the lot)

recommendations:  you'll need to download the exterior walls here at Latoya sims (one of the best downloads I've ever found because I use it for everything!).  This outfit just might come in handy and this mod if you want to have - ehem, working girls (and guys!).  I also considered adding a third floor for Corneo's mansion and the body builder gym (added the gym after all) but I figured the file was already getting pretty big.

known issues:  none that I'm aware of.  Lot is currently tagged as 'market' .  Includes: gym, bathrooms, diner, hotel, dress shop (consignment), bar, convenience store (elixir), and, of course, brothel.


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