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gone are the days of the conquest of the silver screen, when cinema was new and gilt in silver and shadows.  Now it's all fast cars and fancy computer graphics.  But some people remember when the Hollywood lights were glamorous starlight and movies came with piano accompaniment.  Back to a more elegant time, a more opulent time.  Some people remember - and are determined to return to the triumph of their youth.  Whatever it takes. 1 bed/1 bath (plus a room for the hired help (okay, fine, they sleep in the kitchen and have a toilet in a closet next to the elevator they're just here to feed the cowplant anyway)

Victorian Winter
a small starter for the aging starlet

size: 15x15
price:  47591/122147



If you do not have the EPs and worlds I used, some of the items may not carry over in the download and the game will automatically replace them.  I did use items from the EA store.  The game will replace it with something else if you don't have that set.

always back up your saves before installing something new and, personally, I also run Sims3Packs through Delphy's custard (I check my lots through it to test them before I put them up for download as well).

obviously give me credit if you use my Victorian homes somewhere.  Really though what I crave are pictures or stories or tales of adventure if you do use any of these houses.  Tell me about your sims moseying!  That's what I'm building this thing for.

list of cc sources:

TSR : buffsumm, fantastic8019, shinoKCR, pilar, abuk0, cyclonesue, cashcraft, murfeeL, paramiti, D3VV, jomsims
Guardgian and Khany Sims
Exotic Elements 3
Ladesire Creative Corner
Sims by Severinka

patterns: thebombson

EA store - Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, Stones Throw Greenhouse Roof End and Window (AppleFall does a great Victorian Greenhouse if you don't have Stones Throw)

recommendations: to get the house in the right mood for your aging starlet of the silver screen I'd like to suggest the music collection here by B5Studio for your Custom Music folder.  Just be careful.  The 'O By Jingo' one is a real earwig.

known issues:
unless you move the screen in the bedroom you can only sleep one sim on the upstairs bed.


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